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fiction certificate

fiction certificate
A fictional certificate applies to foreigners who are legally resident in Germany and who are waiting for a residence permit to be issued

Whenever about a requested residence permit not yet If a decision was made because certain prerequisites for this decision are not yet met, a so-called fictional certificate can be issued under certain circumstances. It is usual for this certificate to be issued for the period in which the application is being examined by the immigration authorities.

What is a fictional certificate?

A fictional certificate acts as proof of a provisional right of residence for foreigners living in Germany. This certificate is usually issued for the period in which the application for a residence permit is being examined by the responsible immigration authorities. In this context, the term “fiction” describes a legal fiction in relation to the continued existence of the previous right of residence.

The conditions

In order for a fictional certificate to be legal, it must have been issued at a time when the granting or extension of the residence permit was still legal. In other words, a valid residence permit must still be available at the time the application is submitted, or the applicant must be legally resident in Germany without a visa due to his or her nationality. It should not be forgotten that the fictional certificate is not a residence permit in the narrower sense, but only represents proof of the existence of a temporary right of residence.

Required documents

In order for a fictional certificate to be issued to you, you must present a valid passport or a passport substitute. If you are in possession of a previous residence permit, such as an electronic residence permit, you should also bring this with you. Furthermore, a certificate of registration confirmation or alternatively of a tenancy should be available.


According to § 47 paragraph 1 number 8 of Residence Ordinance will be charged from September 1, 2017 13 euros for adult and 10 Euro for minors charged for the issuance of a fictional certificate. However, various groups of people are exempt from this fee. These include recognized asylum seekers and refugees, Turkish nationals, students who receive a publicly funded scholarship and their family members, Swiss citizens and other groups of people.

processing time

The processing time for the fictional certificate is very short. You will receive this directly when you visit the competent authority if you bring the necessary documents with you and meet the requirements for an exhibition. But what is the appropriate form of residence permit and which residence permits are there?

Can you travel with a fictional certificate?

In principle, it is possible to travel with a fictional certificate, since you are permitted to re-enter Germany with such a certificate at any time. However, you should contact the Embassy of the respective travel country about that inquirewhether entry and exit with a fictional certificate is permitted. If you have a fictional toleration or permit, you cannot travel abroad with it.

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