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commitment declaration

commitment declaration
With the declaration of commitment, you can enable people from abroad to enter and stay in Germany

Declaration of Commitment for Foreign Visitors

To secure the living expenses by third-country nationals (Refugees or emigrants) serves the so-called commitment declaration. As a rule, foreigners who require a visa must have sufficient own funds, in order to be able to cover the costs related to the planned stay.

A visa-required alien who does not have the necessary/demonstrable own funds, a visa can still be issued if, based on a declaration of commitment by a person, a company or an association with their main residence in Germany, assumption of all costs he follows.

What is a declaration of commitment?

The person/company or association agrees with a declaration of commitment for pay all costs, which arises from the stay of the visa applicant for public legal entities.

The declaration of commitment therefore also includes reimbursement of costs for medical treatment in public hospitals, unless corresponding health insurance already exists. The declaration of commitment also includes the costs for the immigration police procedure if you do not leave the country after your visa has expired.

Documents required for submitting a declaration of commitment

In order for a person/company or an association to be able to submit a declaration of commitment, some evidence must also be provided. Private individuals have to provide different proof than a company/association. is enough for her income is not enough, is often a blocked account necessary. This is a special account that the holder cannot freely dispose of. The applicant must deposit a minimum amount required by law into the blocked account. This amount remains blocked until the visitor leaves Germany again.

Individuals must submit these documents:

  • Proof of identity (e.g. passport or identity card)
  • registration confirmation
  • Proof of income (e.g. payslip or income tax assessment)
  • Evidence of any financial obligations such as loan repayments or child support payments
  • Evidence of a rental agreement or title deed
  • Proof of relationship with the invitee

Companies and associations must submit these documents:

  • Proof of the identity of the representative of the company/association and possibly proof of the power of representation
  • Excerpt from the company register or from the articles of association
  • Proof of creditworthiness of the company/association
  • Proof of the relationship to the invited person (if available, e.g. business relationships, etc.)

How long is a declaration of commitment valid and can it be revoked?

As a rule, the embassy accepts declarations of commitment up to 6 months after exhibition. In principle, there should not be more than 6 months between the time the declaration of commitment is submitted and the visa is issued. This is because the financial circumstances of the declaring party in the meantime might have changed. If a period of 6 months has already expired, it is usually necessary to submit a new declaration of commitment.

The law does not provide for the revocation of a declaration of commitment. The Federal Foreign Office does not know whether a revocation can avert an obligation to reimburse in the event of damage. The Federal Foreign Office cannot guarantee that a visa can only be prevented if a declaration of commitment is revoked.

How much does a declaration of commitment cost?

The fee for the declaration of commitment is 29 euros. According to Section 47, Paragraph 1, Item 12 of the Residence Ordinance, the fee must also be paid if the application is withdrawn.

A notice: For offices, authorities or courts, you usually need the documents, certificates or certificates as certified translation.

Which period is financially covered by the declaration of commitment?

Basically, through the declaration just between 90 days Financially secure for up to 6 months. Anyone who needs a longer visa must prove their financial capacity for the remaining period. are suitable for this Bank statements from the last 3-6 months, which give an overview of the approximate monthly income.

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