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Immigration Offices in Germany

Welcome to our website Our website gives you a comprehensive overview of contact details, addresses, opening hours and more information of all Immigration Offices in Germany. This should make it easier for you to find your responsible immigration office. For inquiries about visas and entry, please contact your responsible immigration office. We cannot answer these requests. Our website is only intended to provide an overview of where you can contact us.

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What is an immigration office?

According to Section 71 of the Residence Act, immigration offices are responsible for measures and decisions relating to residence and passport law. They take measures and decisions on the residence, employment and integration of foreigners in Germany.

In Germany, there are usually immigration offices in every district or urban district. They are entrusted with the task of enforcing immigration law. Larger cities that belong to a district can also have their own immigration authorities - but this depends on the respective federal state. In Hesse, for example, all cities with 50,000 or more residents have their own immigration office.

What are immigration authorities responsible for?

Immigration authorities are responsible for issuing or refusing residence permits according to the relevant residence purposes of the Residence Act, the decision on the granting of settlement permits, the decision and possible execution of expulsions or deportations.

In addition, she puts next to the appropriate residence permits equally substitute passport papers. She decides on the issuance of residence permits for displaced persons - the implementation of the asylum procedure as such is the responsibility of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) - and toleration as well as travel documents for foreigners. On top of that, a decision is made on the existence of the legal requirements for family reunification. Immigration authorities are involved in issuing visas.

Immigration offices are responsible for a variety of other tasks. The time limit on residence permits, the refusal of residence permit, issuing orders to leave the country in accordance with the Residence Act in cases where the obligation to leave the country occurs, clarifying the identity of foreigners and many other tasks fall within the area of activity of the foreigners authorities. Here is an overview of what the immigration offices in your district or city are responsible for:

  • refugee aid
  • asylum procedure
  • Entry and residence in Germany
  • integration course
  • Medical care & costs
  • benefit entitlement
  • civil status
  • register
  • social care
  • accommodation options
  • commitment declaration

Local Jurisdiction

The local jurisdiction for a foreigner is not regulated in federal law, but in supplementary state law. In principle, however, you can assume that the local jurisdiction depends on your usual place of residence.

How is the actual implementation of the decisions in the federal states regulated?

The immigration authorities are responsible for enforcing the special decisions ending residence and the negative asylum decisions of the BAMF. They assess the legal requirements for deporting the foreigner. They then register the appropriate flights with the responsible authorities. For the actual enforcement, they are often controlled by the relevant state police. An exception is North Rhine-Westphalia, where the foreigners authorities, which have the status of a special regulatory authority within the meaning of Section 12 OBG, carry out deportations and detention measures (Section 62 AufenthG) with certain enforcement officers per These have the same legitimation as police officers and are secured as law enforcement officers via Section 113 of the Criminal Code.

If you are interested in a visitor, Schengen or student visa, depending on your country of origin, you are responsible for submitting a declaration of commitment to the responsible immigration office. With this submitted and signed declaration, you undertake to take care of all costs related to your visitor's stay. At you will find further valuable information about completing an online visa Insurance for foreign guests and securing the declaration of commitment.

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