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Immigration Offices in Baden-Württemberg

Here you will find contact information, addresses and opening hours of the immigration offices / immigration authorities - in Baden-Württemberg.

Overview of all immigration offices / immigration authorities in Baden-Württemberg

Tasks of the immigration authorities

The immigration authorities are responsible for measures in connection with residence and passport law. They decide according to the Residence Act and the provisions of other immigration laws.

Other tasks and services are:

  • Electronic residence permit (eAT)
  • Contact person for refugee aid
  • work permit
  • entry and Accommodation in Germany
  • asylum
  • integration
  • commitment declaration

Appointment at the Immigration Office

In most cases you can make an appointment by telephone, using the contact form or via the service portal of the respective city. Please make sure that you have all the necessary documents before you visit the immigration office.

A notice: For offices, authorities or courts, you usually need the documents, certificates or certificates as certified translation.

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