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Certified translation for official documents

    Certified translation

    To contact your competent foreigners Authority To be able to submit the necessary documents, you need acceptable translations. Certified translations are required for the responsible authorities so that they not only have official validity, but can also be submitted to the responsible authorities. You keep the original documents, the certified translations are submitted.

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    Certified translations for the immigration authorities

    Certified translations from another country are important documents that were originally written in a different language. In order to maintain the official value, these documents are translated by official specialist translators who are officially recognized. Any translator can do this task not commissioned will. Officially recognized translators not only translate official documents correctly, they also have stamps that, in combination with their signature, are considered official legitimation are valid.

    What legitimation do official translators have to show?

    Specialist translators must have passed official exams before they can carry out certified translations. You must first prove your professional knowledge of the respective language, as well as knowledge of the different legal situations. The experts of the necessary translations are checked by the European Union as well as by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation before they can and may work as sworn translator-interpreters and experts.

    All important documents can only be submitted as certified translations of foreign texts if specialist translators carry out this work and meet all the necessary requirements.

    All documents that need to be translated internationally

    In order not to have any restrictions in everyday life, foreigners must be able to present their important documents as certified translations. This includes not only that international driver's license, but also all available certificates, official documents and certificates that are available. The certified translations of the documents have an official status. They can therefore be presented to the authorities without any problems. Documents that can be officially certified and translated include:

    • passports
    • identity cards
    • marriage certificates
    • birth certificates
    • Certificates of good conduct
    • Certificates from the registration office
    • Evidence of private funds

    Calculate the price for a certified translation now

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    Certified translations can also be submitted later

    Most foreigners do not know which certified translations they should submit to the authorities. Deadlines for submitting certified translations can be extended for special reasons if it can be proven why they were not submitted on time.

    Numerous official documents are translated with a certified translation so that an official copy is still available in the event of loss. These documents are not only required when registering in a new place of residence, but also when applying for a job, registering children for school, a birth or marriage certificate, as a document when applying for a driver's license or a new passport. The possibilities are wide and should be seized on a large scale. A pass is lost faster than expected.

    What happens if a certified translation is lost?

    Anyone who has a certified translation of a wide variety of documents need not worry. The respective documents can easily be recertified if the original documents are still available. Many parents have certified translations of their children's documents. If necessary, you can copy and submit multiple copies of these, but a certified translation does not offer any other advantages. It is merely a certified translation and copy that can be presented anywhere and anytime with a clear conscience.

    The costs for a certified replacement are worthwhile for several reasons.